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ABOUT MY BOOK: One Thing: Top Tip (From a Mom of 6)

“With six kids eleven and under (now eight kids fourteen and under), Jess Connell wants to share with you her top tip for motherhood. Grocery lines, the internet, baby showers, and bookstores are full of parenting advice, but this small book is different. It’s the fleshing out of one basic idea– ONE THING– to help you evaluate all the rest. Biblical, practical, and unlike what you’ll find elsewhere, this will give you wisdom and peace of mind as a mom.

Before you read other parenting books, you’ll want to read this encouraging little book that will change your perspective in big ways.


One Thing: Top Tip (From a Mom of 6) by Jess ConnellREVIEWS: 

  • This is my all-time favorite parenting book that I’ve ever read! And I’ve read many! First, it is simple, short, and concise. Jess gets to the “meat” (haha, read the book for the pun) of it very quickly. I highly recommend this book to any parent, but especially to a busy (sleep-deprived) new parent. It’ll be the easiest thing to read and the most helpful too. ~Crystal B.
  • “…the whole time I was reading, I just kept thinking that I wished someone had told me all of this before our oldest was born. I am now armed with tools to share in the future with new moms…” ~Jess Little
  • “Just read your book, “One Thing” and so wish I could have read it 19 years ago when I was starting this mothering journey.” ~C. Brett (feedback on
  • This book is phenomenal. It is a quick read, which is wonderful for busy moms…” ~Susanna L. Reigle


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