October 2016 Round-Up: Podcasts & Posts

October Round-Up: podcasts & posts // jessconnell.com

Did you miss something? Catch up and get the encouragement your heart needs.


Sometime in the next 4-6 weeks, God willing, we’ll meet our new little person. Yippee! :) At that point, my blogposts will slow to 1 post a week. Mom On Purpose podcasts will continue to be released once a week, every Wednesday, with season 1 ending about a week before Christmas.


PODCASTS (click on the episode title to see the show notes)

  • Ep. 01: Choose to Be an Engaged, Intentional Mom— (Interview, part 1, with Jess Connell) It’s easy to be filled with zeal and purpose when they first put that baby in your arms… but how can we stay engaged and intentional as moms, over the long haul?
  • Ep. 02: Lean In & Learn from Other Women— (Interview, part 2, with Jess Connell) You weren’t made to walk alone. Look around, listen, and learn! God means for you to lean in to the wisdom of godly women around you.
  • Ep. 03: When Motherhood is Overwhelming— (Interview, part 1, with Mandi Ehman)  If you’ve been a mom for more than 30 minutes, you’ve been there. Motherhood can be overwhelming. Let’s talk about practical ways to get THROUGH the stress of mom life.
  • Ep. 04: Set Realistic Postpartum Expectations— (Interview, part 2, with Mandi Ehman) Sometimes it happens to us (postpartum depression), and sometimes we do it to ourselves (unrealistic/high expectations), but no matter what, postpartum is a challenging time! Let’s discuss: what practical things can we do to make it better?
  • Ep.05: Embracing Life as a Mom of Littles— (Interview, part 1, with Emily Jensen) Life as a mom to young children can be chaotic and challenging. Let’s talk about the ideas and practices that can help us embrace this important season of motherhood.

If you’ve listened to, and enjoyed the podcasts, please head over to iTunes and leave a review. Good, bad, or ugly– every review helps fellow listeners find the podcasts worth listening to!



Hope this helps you catch up on podcasts or posts you missed this month.

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Jesus-follower, Happy wife, Mom of 8 neat people. Former world-traveler, now settled in Washington. Host of Mom On Purpose podcast (momonpurpose.com). I write and wrangle kids.

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