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Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros have the cutest, hippy-dippy love song. It’s my most recent favorite song to capture some of the way I feel about Doug:

Oh, it gets some things wrong. Don’t go looking for perfect expressions of truth among imperfect humans. Every human offering gets some things wrong.

And yes, it’s a hippy-dippy love song written by (judging from the lyrics) unbelievers. (And… I’m using the term “hippy dippy” with utmost love. I think that’s possibly the category of people I fall in.) 

But there is some important Truths Sharpe gets right.

Alabama, Arkansas,
I do love my Ma and Pa
Not the way that I do love you

Well, holy moly me oh my
You’re the apple of my eye
Girl, I’ve never loved one like you

Moats and boats, and waterfalls,
Alleyways, and payphone calls
I been everywhere with you (that’s true)

Laugh until we think we’ll die,
Barefoot on a summer night
Never could be sweeter than with you

Home, let me come home,
Home is wherever I’m with you

Every human– even those who dishonor Christ– receives the common grace of being in a world that God designed to uncover and teach us Truth about Him. There is so much He teaches us about what real passion for Him is, and what our desire for Home/Heaven should look like, through our human feelings of passion and of home.

Humans are in danger of getting it wrong when we make human love the penultimate Truth… but humans are on the path of possibly getting it right when we feel human love and look for the ultimate Love our human experiences are pointing to.

  • What has God taught you recently through human experiences of love and home?

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  1. November 21, 2015

    […] like this are one of the reasons this song resonates. No one except for Doug and I has even SEEN all those couches, and no one but us could tell even […]

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