Here’s What No One Tells You About Having Another Baby

When it comes to having another baby, people will talk about the potential for additional financial costs, marital strain, or having to go through labor again. But very few people talk about this.

This was something I noticed about having another baby, 5 weeks after having our 8th baby–








Here are our current set of “bookends” (oldest– Ethan– and youngest– Fisher) having a conversation last week:EandF


IN THE COMMENTS, PLEASE SHARE: How have you noticed this in your home?

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7 Responses

  1. Danielle says:

    Nobody told me how much our kids would love each other….so much so that when we take one on a date all that one does is ask and wonder what the rest are doing and can’t wait to get home! They also ask all the time when we’ll have another ? which is good for my fears….fears that all they’ll remember of me is that i was constantly tired, no fun, or taking care of a baby. It obvioisly doesn’t effect them the way I worry about.

  2. Katie says:

    YES!!! We had 4 kids in three years, but our youngest just turned two and I’m so eager to have another- just waiting for my husband to feel ready for baby #5! He wants us to be in a bigger house first, so you know I’m asking God to make that a reality!

  3. Tamara says:

    This is encouraging. As you mentioned in the video I have two little ones under 2 and this reality seems so hard to see right now.
    It is lovely to see how they love on each other but I’m looking forward to the day when I don’t have to be sitting within 10cm saying gentle haha

    • Jess Connell says:

      Yes! There is so much you can’t see from that vantage point… I didn’t know that, back then, and was surprised when I got to have a 4 year old, who would say things like “she’s the most beautiful baby in the whole world!” and 8- 10- and 12- year olds who start to view the baby from a more parental perspective, “Oh wow, mom, did you see that he’s making that new big half-grin?” or, “Wow, cool, I’ll bet he’ll start to crawl soon!” Etc.

      They just LOVE each other so much. Makes me happy as a mama.

      • Jess Connell says:

        (OH and by the way… I should say: when my 23-month-old is near the baby, I still have to be sitting within 10 cm saying “gentle”.) 😉 Haha! That part doesn’t stop. :)

  4. Katherine says:

    This is very timely and encouraging to me, as we are two weeks away from welcoming baby #3. I’ve spent a lot of time worrying about how my older two will respond – it’s so very good to be reminded of how the Lord will use them in each other’s lives (even if there is a time of adjustment). Thank you for this perfect encouragement at just the right time!

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