Freestyle Friday #2

Freestyle Friday @ jessconnell.comFreestyle Friday is my new way of sharing random bits, in smaller portions, rather than in full-length articles. I’m trying this for a season, as a way to connect with YOU.

So let’s go- here’s Freestyle Friday #2.

Today I’m taking the opportunity to interact with a few of the survey responses:

  • First of all: You guys are AWESOME & I have the BEST readers! I am so thankful to have sent out the survey… I thought I would only get back helpful “data” to give insight & direction about you guys, but instead, you guys gave me great ENCOURAGEMENT, as well as great specifics about your needs and how I can better serve you with the articles I write here. The encouragement, direction, and feedback you guys offered is going a long way to help Doug & I prayerfully evaluate my writing pursuits.
  • Reader comment #1- “Daily bible reading is a struggle for me.” And truthfully? it is for me, too. This year I’m doing something I haven’t done in probably close to a decade– read through the Bible in a year. Doug, our oldest son Ethan, and I, are doing an plan together where we read (roughly) 4 chapters a day. Ethan & I have done some of the days together, and sometimes he and Doug wake up early and do them together. I got behind this last week, and I’m listening through the portions I missed with my audioBible. But it’s really been special to have them as co-journeyers in this pursuit of Bible reading. Here’s what I would say to encourage you: As a mom, some years are tougher than others. Keep digging in; Keep going! Whether you click through Scripture at a quick pace (which brings its own blessings of big-picture insights), use an audioBible to listen to while you fold laundry, or simply keep an open Bible on your kitchen counter and meditate on a verse at a time, keep pursuing the treasure of God’s Word. I am finding such rich insights and encouragement from God’s Word, and want to encourage you to press on! Like the need for food & sustenance, even if you don’t have time for sit-down meals, you still need to work to find ways to keep yourself nourished & hydrated in the Word. Seek RICH MEAT & don’t try to sustain your faith on “fluff.”
  • Reader comment #2- (related to #1)- “What I generally struggle with is learning how to integrate spiritual disciplines into my personal life with little ones around.” Well, I think we all do! Here are some quick ideas: (1) Turn on an audioBible & worship music while the kids play at your feet. (2) Bible open on the counter– while you’re following a recipe, read a verse and let it challenge/encourage you. (3) Write verses ALL AROUND YOUR HOUSE. Seriously. Here are some ways I’ve done it– Taped-up notecards, dry erase boards, paintings, fruit of the spirit printed in fun fonts stapled to the ceiling over my bed to remind me 2x of a day of what God means to produce in me, verses done in embroidery, scraps of paper on my bathroom mirror. REMIND YOURSELF of God’s Word all the time!!! (4) Listen to sermons from SOLID pastors (Matt Chandler, Tim Keller, John Piper, and John MacArthur are some of my current favorites) while you do other activities.
  • Reader comment #3- “I would love to read more marriage articles. I have been married only 2 years and struggle learning how to love my husband, manage conflict well, and take care of my children and home all at the same time. Both my parents have been divorced multiple times, but I long more than anything to have a God glorifying marriage.” This comment thrills me! This is a major aim for me in my writing here– to point younger women in the direction of a God-honoring, truly JOY-FILLED marriage. Here are all the articles I’ve written for wives. My (rough) plan for this year is that almost all of my Wednesday articles will be on the topic of marriage. So be sure to come by on Wednesdays, and jump in to the comments & add your thoughts, questions, and insights!


Thank you all, again, for your awesome feedback! I have LOVED reading through your responses. Hearing from you greatly helps me as I decide where to focus my writing time.

If you haven’t taken the survey, CLICK HERE to offer your feedback and thoughts.

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4 Responses

  1. Christy says:

    Love Freestyle Friday! I enjoy the more personal posts as I’m a long-time reader from Making Home days, and I’ve missed that aspect of the blog. Love the encouraging articles too, though!

  2. katy says:

    Everybody’s different. I am a ‘list person’. If it is not on my list, it does not get done. I put ‘Bible Study’ on my list. At first, I resisted doing this b/c I didn’t want reading the Word to be one more thing I checked off my list but really, I realized it was more of a reminder/accountability for myself. I put it as #1 on my TO DO list. It does not always get done first (because I have learned that rushing through it just to do it early is worse than doing it later in the day and being able to really ruminate on His Word) but this way, the vast majority of the days, it does get done. One other thing, I made a LARGE bookmark on which I wrote verses to pray every day. I have about 6 or so verses (verses about answering gently, giving kind looks, speaking sweetly, thinking on excellent and praiseworthy things, and of course, the fruit of the Spirit). It has been such a blessing. I just wanted to offer those suggestions to add to yours. I love your blog. Thank you for your godly encouragement! :)

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