Are You Contributing to a Culture of Lust?


Christian woman, you may not even realize it, but are you pornifying our culture?

Perhaps you say “no”–

  • “I hate even the idea of porn!”
  • “I don’t invite men to look at me with lust.”
  • “I would never do that!”


Go right now to the photos you have publicly posted of yourself.

Facebook profiles. Instagram. Wherever you do that. Take a moment to browse through those photos.

Then come back.

I’ll wait.

Having done that, let me ask: which of these 2 lists are a more accurate description of the public photos of YOU?

Are they:

  • Realistic?
  • Sometimes unflattering? (and not in a cutesy/funky way)
  • Featuring you with other people?
  • Natural/spontaneous?
  • Taken by other people?
  • How you really look in real life?


OR, are they:

  • Idealized?
  • Shadowy/sultry/colored/painted?
  • Almost all selfies?
  • Posed?
  • Taken from a particular angle to flatter and conceal?
  • Hiding what you actually look like?
  • Featuring particular parts or angles of your body (pouty lips, a “killer” jawline, elongated eyelashes, etc.)?
  • Exposing more than should be exposed to someone not your husband (bra straps, a little bit of cleavage, lacey PJs).
  • Unusually close to your face?
  • Meant to stir up desire in others?


Many Christian women, who I think would say they hate porn, take pictures that imitate its form.

Sultry lips, smoldering eyes, a serious look, in a dark room, alone with a camera… whatever your female friends say in their comments on the photo, these profile pictures go beyond “pretty.” Through the eyes and atmosphere of the photo, they invite inappropriate attention in a way that resembles lusty photos, rather than reflecting a godly spirit.


Let me ask it a different way:

  • Would you want _____________ to regularly look at images of women that are stylistically similar to yours?

Insert the following people in that ^^^^ blank:

  • your grandpa,
  • your (future or current) husband,
  • your (future or current) 13-year-old son,
  • your pastor.

If your photos are more like the second list than the first, or if you would not want your grandpa/husband/son/pastor to look at photos like yours, then you are contributing to the lustful culture you say you dislike.


If you want to fight a porn culture, be a visually upright woman.

  • Wear and choose your clothes in such a way that GOD gets the glory– not you, not your body, not your great fashion taste– GOD.
  • Keep the alluring parts of your body for your husband’s eyes alone.
  • Use makeup (if at all) in a way that honors God’s design, rather than concealing and confusing what He made.
  • When taking pictures of people (including you!), take pictures that highlight God’s creative beauty in the same realistic way a beautiful field of flowers does– without fakery.

Fight porn culture by being a woman who reclaims BEAUTY by refusing to fake yourself up.

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Jess Connell

Jesus-follower, Happy wife, Mom of 8 neat people. Former world-traveler, now settled in Washington. Host of Mom On Purpose podcast ( I write and wrangle kids.

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2 Responses

  1. Diana says:

    Amen! This is a message that we Christian women need to hear. :)

  2. Lisa T in NJ says:

    This is such a great word! Thank you Jess for being wise enough to see through the smoke screens and bold enough to raise these questions.

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