Best Resources for Pregnant and New Moms


Awesome! Congratulations on your new little person!!!

I remember the excitement (Wheeeeeeeeeeeee! This is really happening!!), the uncertainty (“what in the world have I gotten myself into?” and “what in the world is all this gear?”) … and the voracious appetite for ideas and information.

To help, I’ve pulled together my favorite resources for you:

  • Here are my most-useful Pregnant/New Mom Articles:

Mom of 7 Shares Baby Gear "Must-Haves" and "Don't-Needs" //

Mom of 7 Shares Baby Gear MUST-HAVES and DON’T-NEEDS

7 Ways I Beat Postpartum STRESS //


The Pregnant Homekeeper: How to Keep the House Running (while exhausted)

The Pregnant Homekeeper: How to KEEP THE HOUSE RUNNING WELL (while exhausted)

50 Things I Love About Newborns //

50 Things I LOVE About Newborns

13 Reasons I Don't Mind Being a Chunky, Happy Mama While Breastfeeding //

13 Reasons I Don’t Mind Being a CHUNKY, HAPPY MAMA (while Breastfeeding)

One Thing: Top Tip (From a Mom of 6) by Jess ConnellAnd: DON’T MISS THIS. My book on how to beat the “Mommy Wars” and have peace and confidence in your mothering: ONE THING: Top Tip (From a Mom of 6)

Here’s one Amazon review:

Must-Read for New Moms — This book is phenomenal. It is a quick read, which is wonderful for busy moms, and the advice is sound. I wish I would have read this before my baby was born, and I’m so thankful I found it now.” ~Susanna L. Regime

Interested? Snag it here. It’ll help you sort through all the conflicting advice and find peace being the mom God is growing you to be. 

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  1. Melissa says:

    Perfect timing! We just found out we’re expecting our precious baby #2. I’m signed up for the monthly newsletter but I’ve searched my inbox and haven’t found an email for your book. Is it a separate email or is it a link in the newsletters that I’m missing? I’d love to read it!

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