8 Practical Ways to Show Affection to Your Preschooler

8 Ways to Show Affection to Your Preschooler // jessconnell.com

Here’s a video my almost-3-year-old Theo & I made to share our favorite snuggly and silly things.

These are eight of the fun and easy ways that I practically show affection to my 1-5 year old kiddos, and enter into their little preschool hearts and have fun with them:


  • 0:59- #1– zuburts & kisses, “big ones” and “baby ones”
  • 1:31- #2- “Practicing Piano”
  • 1:45- #3– “Counting Ribs”
  • 2:05- #4– “Neck Check!”
  • 2:25- #5– “Forebumper, Eyewinker, Nosesmeller, Moutheater, Chinchomper, Gully-gully-gully-gully-gully!”
  • 3:35- #6– “Check if your arms work!”
  • 4:15- #7– “God Made You So Good!”
  • 5:15-5:25- my 5 year old interrupts us :)
  • 6:15- an explanation of boys and #8– “stinky feet”
  • 7:00- what ages I do this with, and why

You may already have things like this that you do, so I’m not saying these are better than yours. :) But a good many of us did not grow up with little brothers and sisters, and don’t always know how to enter into our children’s worlds and interact in ways that are fun and connective. I offer these to you to add to your preschool-snuggle repertoire, or to just confirm that what you’re doing is exactly fine. :)

Either way, I hope it’s an encouragement to you to LOVE YOUR KIDDOS.


IN THE COMMENTS: Let me hear from you! Is this helpful? Do you hate videos? Love them? Let me know what you think about the format & the content itself.

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2 Responses

  1. shannon bradbury says:

    So sweet! It helps to connect with our kids throughout the day and show them love. I sometimes get distracted and I appreciate these ideas. I have a three year old and the rest of my four kiddos are 8-14.

  2. Brandy says:

    This was a great and helpful post! It’s so true that many of us don’t know how to “connect” with our kids at different ages. It can be hard to know how to play and be silly with little ones especially if you did not experience it growing up.
    Thanks for your blog. I am pregnant with my 7th child. I don’t know the gender of this baby, but I currently have 5 boys ages 13-3 and 1 girl that is 14 months. My husband is a pastor and we homeschool. I think you and I have lots in common!
    The Lord bless you in 2016!

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