25 Kid-Friendly Conversation Starters


We LOVE to use questions (“would you rather…” “what if…” “which of these…”) to start discussions with our kids over meals, during hikes, and in car rides.

We’ve used books, and card sets, but they often contain foul or off-color questions or prompts. So I thought I’d share some of the questions we use, to help you start your own conversations! These kid-friendly questions are written to provoke discussion, with a wide age-range in mind. They would also be great to use for holiday meals, and with dinner guests.



#1- If forced to choose, would you rather stay within the borders of the state where you currently live for the rest of your life, or never be able to come back to it again?

#2- If you had to eat the same daily menu, for the rest of your life, what would you choose for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

#3- What are you like in a crisis situation?

#4- Would you rather live on the beach or in the mountains?

#5- Would you rather eat only broccoli for an entire year, or never be able to eat dessert again for the rest of your life?

#6- If, for the rest of your life, you had to live in a country you’ve never been to, what country would you choose?

#7- If you have a bedtime ritual you do before falling asleep, what is it?

#8- Did you set a New Years’ Resolution this year? Are you still keeping it?

#9- What is your least favorite food? What amount of money would someone have to pay you to eat it?

#10- What is something you know enough about to give good advice to other people?

#11- What’s the biggest adventure you’ve experienced?

#12- What’s the longest time period you’ve gone without electronics or devices?

#13- If all your clothes, socks, and shoes would be made from one color of the rainbow, for the rest of your life, what color would you pick? (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet)

#14- Which house would you pick to live in, and why: old English castle with a moat, townhouse on a crowded beach, or rustic cabin in the woods?

#15- If you could instantaneously be an expert on any school subject, which would you pick?

#16- What’s your very favorite food? If someone offered you $100,000 to never eat it again, would you accept that offer?

#17- If you could open your own shop/business, what would it be?

#18- Even if you haven’t made it, have you ever thought up an invention? What is it?

#19- What is currently your favorite article of clothing? What do you love about it?

#20- If all the food for the rest of your life would come from only one restaurant, what restaurant would you choose?

#21- If you had to have (and personally pay for, keep, and care for) 100 of the same kind of animal, what animal would you choose? (i.e., 100 zebras, 100 chickens, 100 dogs…)

#22- Would you rather have a really-weird dance move you have to do once every ten minutes for the rest of your life (only while awake, not while you sleep), or never again be able to listen to music?

#23- If you had to write a book in the next 3 months of your life, what would you write about?

#24- Other than Jesus, if you could spend a full day with any one person– dead or living– who would you pick?

#25- What was the happiest thing you’ve done in the last year?


IN THE COMMENTS: Do you like questions/conversation starters? I’d love to know if you use these! :)


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2 Responses

  1. shannon bradbury says:

    Fun!!!! We’re doing this.?

  2. Diana says:

    This is great, Jess! Thanks! I’ve printed these off, and I’m going to put them in a container to use at our dinner times. I really look forward to using these!


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