20 Ways Abortion is Like Auschwitz

20 Ways ABORTION is like AUSCHWITZ // jessconnell.com

“He struck me as a normal person, that was the horrible thing about it. He was cool, objective, matter of fact. ‘This is my war duty. I did my war duty.’ It was like I had to go out and cut down so many trees. So I went out and took my saw and cut the trees down. He was just acting like a normal, unimportant individual.

He simply answered the questions, and as far as I could tell, told what happened without emotion. Without emotion. Without a sense of guilt. Not in the slightest apologetic, not in the remotest degree was he apologetic. In a sense, I think he showed a certain pride in accomplishment.”

– Whitney Harris, member of the prosecuting team at the Nuremberg trials, on Rudolf Höss,Commandant of Auschwitz

Reading this quote immediately transported my thoughts to abortionists, vocally pro-abortion women, and clinic workers who believe they are merely “doing their duty”– without emotion, without a sense of guilt, without apology.

The opening of Auschwitz in Poland happened 70 years ago, this week. The stories that come from that wicked place still horrify and are difficult to take in. I would rejoice if, one day, the horror every decent human being feels about Auschwitz would be matched with the horror they feel about abortion.

Here are 20 WAYS ABORTION in America resembles AUSCHWITZ in Poland:

  1. Humans, deemed less than humans, are being systematically murdered.
  2. The people who live around these killing centers often know what’s happening there, but choose to believe the less insidious reasons. (“It’s a holding place for political criminals.” — “They provide healthcare for disadvantaged women.”)
  3. There is psychological damage for both the living victims, as well as the perpetrators.
  4. The people going into these killing centers are lied to in order to get them there. (Auschwitz: “You are being transferred to a different neighborhood.” Abortion: “It’s just tissue.”)
  5. The human beings who go into these death centers may or may not emerge alive. (More than 1/2 of all human beings who go in to an abortion appointment are killed: 100% of the children who enter are killed, and some of the mothers also emerge dead.)
  6. Those who emerge alive carry with them the memories and sorrows for the rest of their lives.
  7. There is unshakeable guilt associated with the death of human beings. Sometimes it emerges in rap songs, suicide notes, deathbed confessions, TV interviews, or lifelong fear and anxiety. (Christian rap artist LeCrae recently shared about his girlfriend’s abortion, and his continued sorrow from that choice.)
  8. The person who planned the atrocities had a larger, ethnic agenda that the people carrying it out might not have realized they were furthering. (Hitler—> complete extermination/control of Jews, non-caucasians, & other “undesirables” like the mentally disabled; Sanger—> extermination/control of the poor, ethnic minorities, & the mentally disabled).
  9. The people doing the “dirty work” justify it because they believe that the people being killed are less than human and unworthy of life.
  10. In Auschwitz, the interred cried, and their cries were ignored. In abortion clinics across America, babies born alive after failed abortions cry, and their cries are ignored.
  11. In Auschwitz, medical experimentation was normative, and seen as beneficial to society-at-large. In America, medical experimentation and usage of “products of abortion” (a.k.a. murdered human beings) is routine, in order to “benefit” society-at-large.
  12. The exact number of victims is difficult to pin down with absolute certainty.
  13. Perpetrators of the murders in Auschwitz financially profited from the killing (gold teeth), and organizations and individuals financially profit from killing babies.
  14. In Auschwitz, the methods of killing were varied and “progressed” to different forms, in order to lessen the psychological impact on those performing the killings. In America, the methods of killing vary, and even still, when abortion clinic workers actually see the results, many defect and turn away from supporting abortion.
  15. In Auschwitz, the final and best “method” of killing was in a sealed-off chamber so that no one had to watch or know what was happening inside. In America, the methods of killing are in a sealed-off womb so that no one has to watch or know what is happening inside. (Yet in both instances, after the fact, body parts of those murdered must be dealt with.)
  16. Shocking stories come out of these hidden killing centers. (Auschwitz, Abortion, Gosnell’s clinic) And the images will turn your stomach (Auschwitz, abortion).
  17. There was a concerted effort to keep people from knowing what was happening in Auschwitz, and there is a concerted effort to keep pregnant women from knowing the full truth about the children in their womb. Even when state laws are passed requiring a mom to receive full information about the development of her child, abortion clinics deliver this information with the caution “you don’t have to read this”– or if it’s an ultrasound, “you don’t have to look at the screen.” It is horrifyingly ironic, that a 21st century feminist would encourage lack of information regarding such an important life decision.
  18. When people learned what was happening, many everyday Germans still displayed a willful choice of disbelief about the horrible reality.  When people see the results of abortion, and learn the truth about fetal development, there is often a willful choice of disbelief. Even today, many pro-choice advocates refuse to believe a baby is anything more than “tissue,” even when presented with ultrasounds, pictures, and evidence to the contrary.
  19. Anyone who tried to keep a Jew from being taken into custody was seen by Nazis as public enemy #1, subject to fines, social hatred, and even being attacked or killed. Anyone who (even silently) protests, offers abortion counseling, or seeks protection and care for not-yet-aborted American babies is often seen by feminists as public enemy #1, subject to fines, court action, social hatred, and even violent retribution. (Consider Randy Alcorn’s story.)
  20. The people being killed at Auschwitz had no voice, and had to rely on others for any hope to live. The people being killed in abortion clinics have no voice, and have to rely on others for any hope to live.


I can think of one specific way that these two things are different:

  • In Auschwitz, an estimated 1.1 million people were killed, in about 4 years’ time.
  • In America, roughly that many are killed EACH year. 

Roughly 54.5 MILLION Americans have been killed by abortion since legalization in 1973.


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10 Responses

  1. Madelyn Lang says:

    I want to re-blog this but I must be missing something. Thanks for putting it all the info in one place!

  2. Laura says:

    More horrible still, that number is 45 MILLION worldwide.

  3. Kim says:

    Please stop comparing abortion to the Holocaust.

    There is one very simple reason. Abortion is a personal, individual decision in America. There are no government edicts of any kind to force a woman to have an abortion.

    A holocaust is a large-scale event over which individuals exert no control. A tsunami is a holocaust. An earthquake is a holocaust. Death camps run by the government in power is a holocaust.

    Abortion is not comparable to any holocaust event. In America, abortion is the choice of the woman and hers alone.

    To continually perpetuate this myth of comparison between abortion and Auschwitz is irresponsible. It is so utterly and horridly disrespectful to the people who died in the Holocaust, the survivors, and their descendants.

    Please stop publishing any comparison between abortion and Auschwitz. It is wrong: factually, religiously, and emotionally.

    Abortion is its own evil in our day and time but it is NOT a holocaust.

    • Jess Connell says:

      You’re mischaracterizing the article. This article isn’t comparing abortion and the “holocaust.” I’m specifically looking at the events that took place at Auschwitz. Nor am I saying “every characteristic about both is identical in every way.” This article identifies 20 ways that Auschwitz in particular and abortion resemble one another.

      I am not seeking to present an exact formula x=y. My goal was to examine what characteristics x & y share. If you disagree with one or more points, feel free to say so and bring evidence to the contrary. But attacking some large idea which extends beyond the point of this article is irresponsible and makes me think you didn’t read my actual words and observations at all.

    • Jess Connell says:

      Also, individuals DID “exert control” within the larger context of the WWII holocaust in Europe. Exhibit A: the quote at the beginning of this article. Rudolf Hoss could have made different decisions. He didn’t. Some people, like the families that housed Jews, or employed them to keep them out of concentration camps, also made different decisions that saved lives. Plenty of individual people had choices, and made choices, to kill, or to give life.

      It is a lie to act as if there was no will of the individual involved. Thus, the Nuremberg trials. Society recognizes that there actually *WAS* individual ‘choice’ involved, just as there is individual ‘choice’ involved in abortion. This is the reason why Nazis involved were implicated, indicted, judged, and hanged, after WW2.

  4. Laura says:

    It is mind-boggling to me how people are so blinded to the horror of abortion. It’s easy to forget that there were ‘normal’ Germans who turned a blind-eye to the atrocity happening in their very backyards. It was *them* not *us* and *we’d* never be blinded to anything so horrible as the holocaust. And yet, here we are…

  5. Katie says:

    It’s so sad to know these things. Especially when I was just reading the other day, a pro-choice article about 22 week abortions, saying that while some babies were born alive at that age, most died within 12 hours of birth…. But the point is they were born. Why is it, that if the ‘fetus’ is wanted, and can be born and live, even if only for an hour, it’s a baby, but if it’s not wanted, even if it can be born and live, even for only an hour, it’s tissue…and you can kill it?

  6. Donna says:

    This was well-written Jessica! The Nuremburg trials were very interesting. Our ignorance and inaction do equate to innocence!

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